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Pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE

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Pest control issues in your Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE home? No need to fear!

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you have a major pest control problem in your Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE home, or at the very least, you have a friend or know someone whose pest control issue is driving them insane. Nothing gets under your skin like the thought of creepy-crawlies like cockroaches, bees, wasps, flies, bedbugs, rats, and mice calling your home – well – home. If you’ve had enough, you’ve come to the right place and we are more than happy and capable of helping you with your pest control issue. We enjoy great weather in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE for 6-7 months a year. But while we stay indoors during the summer swelter, pests have the same idea too and will invade your home in droves to shield themselves from the unbearable heat. And when that happens, you can find your pest control service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE only a click away.

And if you are worried about safety and quality, all pest control Ustas are required by law to register with the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE Municipality and for their treatments to be odourless and children-safe. The pest control Ustas are also required to provide a warranty that the pests that were treated don’t return for 3 months. As we require all our pest control Ustas to be registered, you can have the peace of mind that they will offer their pest control service by the book and as we have our own stringent vetting program that ensures only the best pest control companies join our platform. Our pest control Ustas offer multiple options to meet your pest control needs.

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Our Services
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General Pest Control

General Pest Control

Trying to get rid of those pesky pests might seem easy, but the reality can turn out to be much different. Getting rid of pests, especially if it’s a big infestation, isn’t as easy as stepping on a cockroach or using a spray bottle. You need to be an expert in the field to get rid of them for good, and that’s exactly why we recommend that you hire a professional pest control service. Ustas will provide you with the option of having a more general pest control treatment that will cover numerous pests like ants, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, spiders and so on.

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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, crawling parasitic insects, which feed on warm blooded animals. Our Ustas will inspect your property and make recommendations for safe, targeted treatments. Follow-up visits will continue until your problem is solved. Once you recognize the problem, book a service and we will make sure the pest Usta will visit you in desired date and time.

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You may not be seeing rats and mice running around your Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE home, but there are other ways to recognize the infestation. Generally, rodent infestations can be uncovered when you see droppings inside of cupboards and on the floor. You might also be able to discover the infestation if you listen to the movement of rodents in your walls at night. If you notice any of these signs, book a service on Mr Usta and a pest control professional will service you right away.

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Garden Mosquito

Garden Mosquito

Everyone knows how annoying – and painful – mosquitoes can be. Somehow, no matter how many you manage to swat, there always seem to be some that manage to get through to give you a nasty, itchy bite or two. Book a service on Mr Usta and we will make sure you will have a mosquito free home.


What type of pest control treatment is used?
The pest control companies apply the treatment via gels, sprays or a combination of both. The type of pests and the severity of pest infestation will determine the specific pest control treatment method
How long does it take to apply the pest control treatment?
The time taken to apply the treatment depends on the size of your home, the type of treatment method, and the degree of pest infestation. It would typically take 20 – 35 mins for gel treatment in a studio or one bedroom apartment. It would take approximately 30 – 45 mins for gel and spray treatment in a two bedroom or three-bedroom villa.
What is included in your general pest control service?
Our general pest control service includes treatment for ants, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, spiders and so on.
How long will it take before I see results?
You will begin seeing a reduction in pest movements within the first week of the pest control service, and visible results 2 – 3 weeks after the pest control treatment is applied. The results also vary depending on the type of pest, the type of treatment and the area of treatment.
Do I have to leave my home during the pest control the treatment?
This depends on the type of pest control treatment. If gel application is used, you do not need to leave your home because the gel is non-toxic to humans and pets. If the pest control treatment is delivered by spraying, you will need to leave your home for 3 – 4 hours.
How often do I need pest control service?
We strongly recommend booking a pest control treatment BEFORE moving into a new home. Thereafter, we advise regular preventive pest control treatment to be done quarterly (every 3 months) for villas and semi-annually for apartments.
Can I clean my home after the pest control service?
Cleaning of your home should be done BEFORE the pest control treatment is applied. If cleaning is done immediately after the pest control services, you risk removing the treatment, thereby rendering the service ineffective.
Is the pest control treatment safe?
Yes, the treatment is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. For pest control treatments delivered through spraying method, you’ll need to leave your home for up to 4 hours after the treatment.
What type of treatment is best for the kitchen?
The gel treatment is usually best for the kitchen area. However, if there is severe pest infestation in the kitchen, then the kitchen cabinets and storage will need to be emptied and sprayed. The pest control gel is then applied afterward.
How many treatments do I need for bedbug?
The number of treatment depends on the severity of bedbug infestation. In most cases, more than one treatment is required. This is because bedbugs are highly mobile pests that can easily move or be carried from one location to another. They also lay eggs which is why a follow up treatment is recommended to eliminate the hatched eggs
Do I get a warranty for the pest control service?
Yes, the pest control companies provide a 3-month warranty for cockroach treatment.