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Water Tank Cleaning Services

Does your tap water at home look or smell weird? When was the last time you got your water tank cleaned? Book your water tank cleaning in no time with Mr Usta and enjoy a hassle-free and affordable service.
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How clean is the water in your home?

The water in Dubai comes from the sea. Its desalinated and preheated in desalination plants across the city which is then pumped out to different areas via pipes. Now there's no doubt that the water in Dubai is among the cleanest in the world. The problem however, is before reaching you, it's stored in your water tank that may or may not have been maintained regularly. So, it's essential to make sure your water tanks are cleaned and sanitized at least once a year.

Water tank cleaning process: 1) The tank will be visually inspected for anomalies. 2) The tank will be emptied. 3) Safe sanitizing agent will be sprayed on the tank's inner wall. 4) High-pressure washing to remove layers of algae, residue, and microbes. The cleaning process is Dubai Municipality approved.

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