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Disinfection and Sanitization Service in Dubai

Get Complete Sanitization & Disinfection Services from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approved Professionals using Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable disinfectants approved by Dubai Municipality for disinfection in hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, offices and homes.
Get deals as low as 150 AED

Do you need disinfection for your home or office?

As concern around the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and variant grows, many are left asking the same question; ‘Do I need to disinfect and sanitize my home or office?’. Frequent hand washing, wearing a mask, physical distancing, and not touching your face are still great precautions you can take. But in today's world, we have realized that a safe and healthy home is more important than ever because the virus can still cling to surfaces of items you carry with you into your home, like your clothes, shoes, phones, etc.

Want to know what to expect from our disinfection and sanitization service? Here’s a step by step process: 1) Usta undergoes temperature screening, then arrives wearing appropriate protective equipment. 2) They start the disinfection service by dispersing NON-TOXIC, eco-friendly and biodegradable disinfectant around your home or office. Cold fogging ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING is used to completely cover surfaces without over-saturating them to ensure that it won’t damage electronics or other sensitive items. 3) The biocide used for the disinfection is FAST-ACTING and the entire disinfection process will take approximately 20-30 minutes per room. 4) The biocide is highly effective and kills 99.99% of Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Fungi on hard and soft surfaces. It is non-toxic and has been APPROVED for hospitals, hotels, schools, offices and restaurants by the Dubai Municipality’s health and Safety Department for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

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What is covered in the disinfection & sanitisation services?
Our disinfection services cover precautionary disinfection of your home or office, car disinfection services, as well as confirmed case (Covid 19) disinfection.
How long does the disinfection service take?
The entire process takes approximately 25 min – 40 mins to disinfect a standard 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment.
How much is disinfection and sanitisation service?
The cost of disinfection services Dubai is dependent on the size of the property. You can get disinfections service for as low as AED150 for a Studio apartment.
What type of chemical is used for disinfection services?
The biocide used for disinfection services Dubai is Nano Clear AG Plus (Chlorhexidine Gluconate based). The biocide has been certified by the Dubai Public Health and Safety department under the Consumer Products Safety Section.
Are the chemicals safe?
Yes. The biocides used are non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Is the chemical approved by Dubai Municipality?
Yes, Nano Clear AG Plus is approved by Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department, and it is mentioned in the list of approved biocides for disinfection and sanitisation services Dubai. It is 99.99% effective against Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Fungi and effective against Covid 19.
How do I pay for the disinfection services?
You can pay online on Mr Usta while making the booking using your credit/debit card or Apple Pay. You can also pay online after the job is done by ‘CLOSING’ the job, adding the final cost, and selecting a payment method. You can also pay cash to the disinfection company after the service.
Do you provide disinfection services for COVID 19 cases?
Yes, our disinfection partners are approved to provide PRECAUTION ONLY disinfection services as well as CONFIRMED CASES (Covid 19) disinfection services Dubai.
What is the disinfection method?
Our disinfection partner uses chemical disinfection. The biocide is applied through cold fogging electrostatic spraying method.
How long before the disinfection treatment takes effect?
The biocide takes instant effect within the first 10 mins of application with long effectivity.
Which areas do you apply the disinfectant?
The disinfectant fog is safe for application on solid surfaces and textiles, so your furniture, floors, clothes and other fabric will be disinfected to guarantee 99.99% effectiveness.
Can I do some cleaning after the disinfection and sanitisation service?
We advise cleaning first, before precautionary disinfection (Covid 19 negative). For confirmed cases, we advise cleaning 1 week after the disinfection service.
What precautions do you take for the disinfection and sanitisation service?
The disinfection service is carried out by professionals who are fully vaccinated and undergo daily temperature screening as an extra precaution. Protective items used during the disinfection service include masks, gloves, protective goggles, and personal protective equipment (PPE). The team uses fresh, disinfected materials and equipment for every disinfection service.