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Painting and Wallpaper Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE

In just a few minutes, you can easily book your painter or painting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE. All it takes is for you to give us a few details and a click of a button to get your painting project started!
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Quick and convenient: booking painters in Dubai with Mr Usta

Book directly with fixed price or get multiple offers from professional and vetted painters in Dubai and all over the UAE for your painting requirements. All it takes is a minute of your time to fill in all the details, make the payment and one of our best painters will be assigned to your job. If you want quotes our painters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will begin sending in their offers in no time. It’s that easy! We know your home in Dubai is one of your most prized possessions. And not only do first impressions count for others, but every impression counts for you. So when it comes to home painting services in Dubai, you want painters that treat your home just right. No matter what kind of painting service in Dubai you need, at mrUsta you can find the right painter. For either commercial or residential painting, small or large painting jobs, or simple or complicated painting jobs, we have the painter for you in Dubai.

Once you place your request for a painter in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE, a bit of magic goes on behind the scenes to make sure your painting job is done well. We quietly work to find the right painting service for you in Dubai based on the details you provide. And when you assign the project to a painter in Dubai that you’re happy with on Mr Usta, our relationship management team is actively (and quietly) working to ensure that your painting project is carried out to your expectations as we are continually in touch with the painters should any issues arise. And when the painter is done with his job, make sure that you review and rate their work. Not only do you earn credits back through our loyalty system, but your review of your Dubai painter can help other customers decide what painter in Dubai to go with for their own projects.

How It Works?
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Instant Booking

Book the service instantly with a fixed price and we'll assign a Tier 1 Usta to your service request. if you're looking for convenience and peace of mind, then this booking option is for you

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Receive, review and negotiate quotes from several vetted Ustas on our platform. If you are price conscious and prefer to select the Usta yourself, then this booking option is for you

Our Services
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Move In or Move Out white color painting service

Move In or Move Out white color painting service

You can book your job easily in one minute, pay online and a top painter will be assigned to your job. Service fee includes only labor cost. You can choose to add white or off-white paint cost for white color interior painting jobs. The Usta will use Jotun Fenomastic brand. Specific shade can be requested. Colored painting and/or special design will be charged separately. All furniture and flooring will be covered and protected with plastic sheeting. Minor cracks and holes on walls will be repaired prior to painting. Standard ceiling painting with a height of up to 2.5/3 meters is included. (Scaffolding, if required, will be charged separately). Balcony, maid or study room and exterior painting will be charged separately.

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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

When you are looking for professional interior painters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE to enhance the internal of your home or business, you need a service that will not cut corners. At Mr Usta, our interior painters work with an approach to meet our client's budget and needs. We guarantee and ensure to deliver 100% job satisfaction to our customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE. Our painters uses only the very best, high-quality products and most innovative techniques to achieve results that will exceed your expectations. Whether you are looking to freshen interior space, replace an exterior facade or strip a deck surface, we strive to get the work done on time with fabulous results.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Choosing the right exterior painters for any project can be a daunting task. With Mr Usta, you can relax knowing your ideas are being realised by our competent, trustworthy team. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our high standards of professionalism make us truly stand out. Whatever your requirements we will work tirelessly to ensure everything is finished to your complete satisfaction. Whether masonry, brick, pebble or something entirely different, each type of material will be evaluated by our professional painters to ensure the best type of outdoor paint is used for the project. Thorough surface preparation ensures an optimal finish and greater durability.

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Wallpaper Installation and Services

Wallpaper Installation and Services

Mr Usta offers wallpapering services for homes, offices, businesses, shops and other facilities. If you need help decorating your walls, we can be there for you. Hanging wallpaper requires professional attitude as the process involves several steps that people with little or no experience will not be able to follow on their own. In fact wallpaper is often difficult to work and matching it up correctly is key to getting the job done the right way. Post a job on Mr Usta now and get the best service available in Dubai, abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.


How much does wall painting cost?
The cost varies and based on the condition of the wall, we estimate wall painting services in Dubai will cost between AED250 to AED350 per wall, if the wall is white or off-white.
Will my furniture be protected during the painting service?
Yes, the painters will cover all your furniture and floors with protective floor coverings and plastic sheetings.
What factors determine the cost of my painting services?
The cost of painting services in Dubai depends on different factors like the SIZE of the area to be painted, the number of PAINTERS required to complete the task, the TYPE of paint work (repainting or change of color), the MATERIALS and tools needed (for painting ceilings with heights greater than 3/3.5Metres, scaffolding is required), etc.
How much does painting services cost?
The cost of painting services in Dubai varies based on the property type and size. You can expect to pay as low as AED560 for repainting a studio apartment in the same white or off-white color. Painting services for a standard one-bedroom apartment ranges from AED730 – AED880. Get a standard two-bedroom villa or house painting service for as low as AED1970.
How do I pay for the painting service?
You can pay online on Mr Usta while making the booking using your credit/debit card or Apple Pay. You can also pay online after the job is done by ‘CLOSING’ the job, adding the final cost, and selecting a payment method. You can also pay cash to the painting companies after the service.
Why is colored painting charged separately?
Whether you are painting your walls from light to dark colors or vice versa, a minimum of 2 paint coats plus primer is required to get the desired color shade. Colored painting services are charged separately because it’s more labor intensive and more paint cans/gallons are required.
How much paint do I need to paint a one-bedroom apartment?
One gallon can of wall paint can cover approximately 350 - 400 square feet space. Two-gallon cans of wall paint cover approximately 670 - 800 square feet, which is enough to cover a standard one-bedroom apartment. Two-gallon cans of paint is the common amount required, especially if second coat coverage is required.
Do the painters also provide wallpaper removal service?
Yes, the painters can also remove your wallpaper before painting and install a new wallpaper, if desired. A separate quote will be provided for the service.
How can I get the exact paint color that matches my walls?
Most building/community management can provide information on the exact paint code required to restore your apartment. Alternatively, the painting companies can also provide a color code chart or swatch paint colors to determine the best fit.
Is it essential to have the Painting Supervisor do an inspection?
Inspection helps inform the painters on what materials are required for painting services and how many painters are required to complete the job. If wallpaper removal or mold treatment is required before painting, the supervisor will ensure the painters are well prepared with a removal or treatment plan.
What type of paint brand is best for painting in Dubai?
The painters mostly use Jotun paints. Jotun is one of the best paint companies in Dubai for wall painting.
Is Jotun a good brand for painting services?
Jotun paints are rated as one of the best paints for painting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and used widely by painting companies in UAE. Jotun Fenomastic Wonderwall is well known for its luxurious silky finish and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) that are safe for the environment and humans.
Are the painting companies reliable?
Yes, we have a team of onboarding specialists who properly screen & run background quality checks to make sure your painting job is executed by professional and expert painters from top painting companies in UAE. Our team of relationship managers can also assist with running point on your painting project.
How long does it take to paint an apartment?
Typically, it could take 2 painters from 4 – 6 hours to paint an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment, but there are several factors which impact the time needed for painting. The factors include: the SIZE of the room (wall length and ceiling height), the PREP-WORK to be done (filing holes, taping, priming, etc.), the TYPE of paint, COLOUR CHANGE requirements, whether there is a dark or light color on the wall that needs to be changed (repainting the same color is quicker), TEXTURE of the walls, etc.
Is there anything I need to do before painting services?
Yes, you need to ensure you have obtained the necessary permits from you building/community management. Access to a water source is needed during the painting service and essential for the post painting clean ups.