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Laundry Services in Dubai

Our ALL YOU CAN WASH - laundry bags have revolutionized the laundry industry. Find out how below.
Get deals as low as 55 AED


We launched our All You Can Wash - Laundry Bag service in 2018 and it was an instant hit! We created what soon became the best value laundry service in all of Dubai. You just couldn't find any other laundry service that came close, and this still stands true now. Our bags can hold at least 2kg's more than our competition, are priced less and are delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours for free. If you're a frequent user of laundry services and dread doing your laundry at home, then you'll love our laundry service that is available across all of Dubai.

We have five different kind of laundry bags. If you’re a frequent user of laundry services and dread doing your laundry at home, then you’ll love our Wash N’ Fold, Wash N’ Press and Bed Linen N’ Towels laundry bags which are available across all of Dubai. With the All You Can Wash laundry bag, you can wash anything from T-Shirts, Underwear to Bed Linen and Towels. You can pack a week’s worth of Dry Cleaning in one bag; anything from Suits, Kandora’s, Dresses, to Shirts and Trousers. If you prefer washing your own laundry, but dread the ironing part of it, then you’ll absolutely love our Press Only laundry service. Mr Usta is offering you an easy to book, convenient and affordable alternative to the traditional laundry service. If you are a small, medium or big size family or you have many clothes to wash every week and dread doing your laundry at home, then Big Laundry Bags are for you! (70x50cm, Max of 25 big items and 15 small items).

How It Works?
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Our Laundry Bag Options
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We guarantee, you’ll sell your washing machine after you try out this laundry option! Your laundry is carefully wash and folded and delivered to you in cleaned and fresh.

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I love ironing, said no one ever! We’ll wash and press them for you, so you wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

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You can pack a week's worth of dry cleaning into that bag; anything from Suits, Kandora's to Shirts and Trousers.

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Don't waste your time and energy to wash, dry and iron these big items. Enjoy clean and fresh bed linen and towels everyday.

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If you just want your clothes professionally ironed this package is for you. Bye bye to back pain and huge electric bill.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

You can review all the terms and conditions here.


How can I find a laundry near me?
No need to worry, we provide laundry pickup and delivery service. It’s so convenient and we partner with one of the best companies for laundry in Dubai.
How does the laundry service work?
The laundry is processed per laundry bag. All you need to do is book the laundry service, prepare the laundry bag, then our laundry partner picks up, launders and returns your items back to you within 24 hours or 48 hours.
Can I send my laundry basket?
We will provide the laundry bag(s) at pick-up so you can transfer your items from the laundry basket into the laundry bag(s). There is no need to send your laundry basket. Additional bags will also be provided for your next laundry service.
What type of material is your laundry bag made from?
We provide ECAS-certified biodegradable laundry bags for laundry in Dubai.
How do I pay for the laundry service?
You can pay online on Mr Usta while making the booking using your credit/debit card or Apple Pay. You can also pay online after the job is done by ‘CLOSING’ the job, adding the final cost, and selecting a payment method.
How big are the laundry bags?
The BIG Laundry Bag is 50x70 cm (can be filled with 22-24 normal shirts, the maximum item limit is 40 items)
What type of laundry service do you provide?
We want you to get the best value for money, so we process your laundry in bags instead of itemized. We have five laundry bags options: WASH N’FOLD (simple washing and folding), WASH N’PRESS (washing, ironing, folding or hanging), DRY CLEANING ONLY (dry cleaning and hanging), BED LINEN N’TOWELS, and PRESS ONLY (just ironing).
How can I tell which item should be dry-cleaned?
Dry cleaning is more suited for delicate, expensive fabric or stitching like Suits, Kanduras, Abayas and mostly silk and wool fabrics. Our laundry partner checks the label of each item before processing to ensure they are suited for the dry-cleaning machine and solvent. We will also contact you if such items are received in other bags, so your clothing gets the best care.
How much does laundry in Dubai cost?
You can get a Wash N’fold service for AED45 for the BIG laundry bag.
Will you wash my clothes with other people’s clothes?
No. Our laundry partner has strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure your clothes are not mixed with other people’s clothes. This also helps curb issues like missing items.
Do you check clothing pockets for Items left?
Yes, our laundry partner will check through your clothing pockets before processing and notify you of any forgotten items which will be delivered with the laundry.
What happens if my Items get damaged?
Our laundry partner is very well experienced, but in the event that an item is reported as damaged through the delivery or cleaning process and within 48hours of delivery, compensation can be provided (please refer to our laundry terms and conditions).
How do you prevent missing items?
Our laundry partner checks and logs each item received per laundry bag before processing, then cross-checks before delivery to ensure the items are complete.
Are there any fabrics you don’t clean
Yes, currently we do not clean velvet and leather. We also do not clean carpets or curtains as part of the laundry bag service. If you need those types of items cleaned, please contact us in advance.
How do they process delicate items like baby clothes?
Baby clothes will be separated from adult clothes and processed using hypoallergenic detergent instead of the normal laundry detergent.