Make the Most of the Summer Break – Give your House a Make-Over!

25 Jul 2016 Monday Dunia Othman

This is the perfect time to get work done around the house (especially if the kids are leaving on vacation). Don’t delay those projects anymore, take advantage of the summer and get through your home maintenance to-do list.

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How to host the perfect housewarming party! (without burning a hole in your pocket)

15 Jun 2016 Wednesday Suraj Talreja

You may have tons of errands to run before you settle into your new place, but no moving is complete without a little partying with your buddies. So while you get behind what you like doing best - planning the party, we’ve put together a few tips to help you save big in doing so. Also, don’t forget to invite us!

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Getting Your Car Ready For Summer in Dubai and UAE

09 May 2016 Monday Mosab Samra

Summer's heat, dust, and stop-and-go traffic, will take their toll on your vehicle. Add the effects of last winter, and you could be poised for a breakdown. You can lessen the odds of mechanical failure through periodic maintenance...Your vehicle should last longer and command a higher resale price, too! Some of the following tips are easy to do; others require a skilled auto technician.

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5 Easy ways to get your AC ready for summer in Dubai and UAE

04 May 2016 Wednesday Dunia Othman

Proactive AC maintenance is the key to a properly working unit. Regular maintenance will also ensure lower energy bills and result in a well-functioning A/C system as well as a comfortable and healthier home environment. We recommend five important steps you can take to get your system ready for peak performance in the summer months

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Need to repair some Household Appliances in Dubai and the UAE?

03 Apr 2016 Sunday Mosab Samra

If you own electrical appliance, it is a given that at some point it may breakdown and you will need appliance repair service. For people living in Dubai especially if you have just moved there, you may need some guidance on where to repair your appliances in Dubai.

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Amazing Landscaping Ideas to improve & maintain your yard

20 Mar 2016 Sunday Mosab Samra

Backyard design is a growing trend amongst old and new homeowners alike, it has the amazing ability to give a property a completely new look, or add to the atmosphere of a house. Think about times where you’ve pulled into a friend’s driveway and been overwhelmed with bright flowers, flowing vines, or tall standing statues.

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Are you looking to hire a maid in UAE?

26 Jan 2016 Tuesday Serhan Yazici

Hiring a part/full-Time maid in UAE have never been easier with all the facilities available nowadays with a lot of companies and agencies that make the job easier for you, but a lot of people have doubts about the prices and the visa regulation for hiring one, this small blog will summaries all the requirements and prices.

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