Interior design ideas for 2017

If you were to be given a spacious blank building or a space right now, what will you do with it? How are you going to remodel the space to look more appealing? Consider the exteriors as well - how are you going to start?

Luckily, the United Arab Emirates is THE home of interior design. Designers here work day and night trying to come up with creative and elegant designs. This is because the UAE is the home of tourism. Shopping malls and hotels come up overnight. Competition is really steep here and so only the best of the best interior designers and interior designing companies can be found here. A perfect residential designer will hear about your idea and create something magnificent that will leave you speechless. They are able to make your idea come true and whenever you see the outcome of it - it will be like living in another world. But there are some design ideas that you can do for yourself.

Painting your bathroom and adding a little pallet wood can make your bathroom walls look exceptional. It is a new bathroom design idea and a few people have known about it and implemented the idea in their own bathrooms. It is simple to implement and I promise that you will love the texture of your bathroom and the toilet walls.

But nothing beats your heart than coming home into a nice clean, good-looking kitchen. That alone arouses your appetite even if you had no plans of cooking. From dining tables that are great space savers like the drop leaf dining to spice racks. If you have a small kitchen, you could choose a simple idea like painting a cart if you have one, making sure that there is a countertop and a rack for holding towels. If you happen to have an old bulky dining table that feeds you off your appetite by just looking at it, for starters, you could remove its legs and make slight trims around the top. You could even consider substituting the table legs with something lighter and craftier. That’s a simple and affordable kitchen makeover that you could do in a day.

Another simple and elegant idea involves your backyard. With wood creation, you can create frames that will serve as decorators and protectors as well. Depending on the pattern you want to arrange the frames, you now fill up the frames with soil sticking to the same pattern and there you could plant all kinds of flowers. This kind of idea requires a designer with carpentry skills because cutting the timber into perfectly fitting sizes is a task that require skills.

As they also say, you get only one chance at a first impression. When it comes to home improvement, pixelated walls are the in- thing these days. If you are a fan of painting too, then this idea may tickle your fancy. It takes time to do it but trust me, you are going to love the result. Take for instance that you want to model your kids’ favorite comic hero on his wall. The first thing to do is apply a mosaic filter on the comic image using any photo-editing tool. Depending on the size of your wall, divide it into the correct number of squares and mark it. If you want to be a pro at color mixing, print a copy of the picture and tape it on the wall. After you’re done painting, you can apply small wooden blocks using a strong glue or a tape onto the squares you created. That becomes the best art. It does take time but the results are just wonderful. The same can be applied on bathroom improvement as well.

Let 2017 be the year that the interior decorator in you comes out. A bit of basic carpentry and painting can go a long way in completely transforming your own space. So get to it!