How to host the perfect housewarming party on a budget!

You may have tons of errands to run before you settle into your new place, but no moving is complete without a little partying with your buddies. So while you get behind what you like doing best - planning the party, we’ve put together a few tips to help you save big in doing so. Also, don’t forget to invite us!

1. Leave your previous home in near perfect condition

It’s always better to return your previous home in a near perfect condition as most landlord cost estimates are overstated.

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Potential Savings: 500 - 1000 AED

2. Choose a convenient date

It might not be a good idea to have your family, friends and colleagues over as soon as you move in.

Protip:  Keeping a 2 to 3 weeks gap after you move in, will give you ample time to unpack, settle in and prepare for the party.

Potential Savings: No money, just stress levels

3. Send personalised invitations

Invitations should be sent out at least one week prior to the scheduled date.

Protip:  Use social media or electronic mediums to send invites. Be sure to include your complete (new) address, date, start time and also request for an RSVP to better plan the food and drinks.

Potential Savings: 200 - 500 AED

4. Plan the food and drinks

It’s better to feature finger foods, as your guest can easily munch on them while touring your new house. Also, you won’t have to worry about difficult stains, should there be any accidental spillage on your carpet, sofa or curtains that just got cleaned. 

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Potential Savings: 200 - 500 AED + the stress of cooking, serving and arranging for adequate crockery

5. Make your home party ready

Unpack all your moving boxes and tidy up the areas where your guest will be spending most of their time. A little decoration in the main areas will only make your home more welcoming.

Protip:  A few well-placed frames and candles with some quality music playing in the background, can dramatically elevate the mood for the party.

Potential Savings: 100 - 300 AED depending on your negotiation skills with the party decorators.

6. Get ready to play host

Get ready to look your best! While your new house is going to stay in the limelight throughout the party. You might want to look just as good, if not better. Enjoy the party, get your guest to mingle and have some activities preplanned.

Protip: Personally greet each guest, offer tours of your new house and accept compliments graciously.

Potential Savings: No money, just a reputation here.

7. Post the party

While there may be some serious cleaning to be undertaken post the party, it’s better to just tidy up your room and have professional cleaners take care of the rest, the next morning.

Protip: Write a small thank you note for your guests. Try mentioning specific instances of the party which you will cherish with each of them in your notes.

Potential Savings: Time and stress levels

Lastly, know that this was just the first awesome gathering taking place in your new home. And there will plenty more memories to create here.

Ps. Now that we’ve helped you potentially save over a 1000 AED, please send us invites :)