Need to repair some Household Appliances in Dubai and the UAE?

If you own electrical appliance, it is a given that at some point it may breakdown and you will need appliance repair service. For people living in Dubai especially of you have just moved there, you may need some guidance on where to repair your appliances in Dubai. This article intends to give you pointers on that subject.

No matter where you live in Dubai, you can be assured that there is a way of finding repair services for all types of appliance, Kitchen appliances, electrical appliances like laptops and mobile phones or even a simple living room lamp. 

Now to make things much easier for you, mrUsta number one address to find service providers in Dubai and all around UAE. MrUsta has compiled a list of different service providers (Ustas) for Household Appliances repair you will find a list of different featured appliance repair services with detailed reviews on them. For example if you are looking to repair washing machines, you can search for that in no time, you will get information about their location, the services it will offer which include repairing washer, and many other appliances. It will also give you the areas in Dubai that they provide services like: Dubai Marina, The Springs, Emirates hills, Arabian Ranches and many more. But be sure to read comments and ratings by people who have used these services before as that can give you an idea of what to expect, also don’t forget to add your review after you get your job done.

Also for your benefit, it is advisable to find out before calling in on the repair man, whether your home appliance is covered under warranty, this will save you a few backs as warranty repairs will be done for free. Also when you call the service company, you may want to know if they also give a warranty on their repairs. This will give you an idea of how much they trust their work. In Dubai there are many companies that may offer to fix your electrical appliance but they may do a bad job, if you have a warranty arrangement, you will have better chances of getting excellent service since if the appliance breaks down again after repairs, then they would have to fix it again for free. A number of decent companies will offer you a warranty.

When you contact these service providers, you will want to find out if they offer home repair or you should take the appliance to the workshop. For refrigerator repair service, it is common for the company to send over a technician to work on the appliance, same applies to the washer. Mainly because these appliances are big and heavy.

Because you are new in Dubai, you may not be too comfortable having someone fixing your appliance as you are worried you might be over charged or they won’t know what to do. So you might opt to fix it yourself. Our best advice for you on this is first of all make sure you actually know your way around fixing these things and you have ever done it before otherwise you may end up spending much more replacing your washer or whatever appliance you need fixed. If you are confident enough that you can do it, then step 2 would be to read through the manufacturer’s manual of your appliance for instructions on fixing the appliance. Just remember that not all appliances are serviceable by the user. If it is your fridge that is not working, you will need to call refrigerator service at least to give you a diagnosis of what the problem is. 

When it comes to price, there is no blanket price for repairs in Dubai, usually it is not until the repair man has had a look at your appliance and determined what is wrong that you will have an exact figure. But feel free to call different companies to compare the prices. But the best way to do it is to use mrUsta special feature Post A Job , feature basically allows customers who’s asking for a certain service ( in our case is appliance repair services ) to send a message to all service providers and companies under a specific categories that you are looking for a company to do the job for you, also you can add a description about what you need exactly, what price do you expect, and do they offer a warranty for their services, by this all companies will try to reach you and give you their offers, and then you can compare the prices and which company will fit you the most, all of that by just a few clicks.

Also the prices will vary according to the appliance, you are not going to have the same price for service washing or dishwasher repair service as you will for fixing a kettle. Many repair sears tend to give room for bargaining so the price is never fixed.

Dubai being one of the fastest growing cities, it will not be hard to find good home appliance repair services. Visit