How to find the best maid services in Dubai and UAE?

20 Jul 2015 Monday Carl Paterson

Having a live-in maid or using a maid service is very popular in Dubai. There are many reasons for this; Dubai is a developed busy city and we all are leaving a busy hectic life; there we need an external assistance. As most families that live in Emirates, we find ourselves without any family support or network to help with children, chores and housework.

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How to Make Moving Houses Easier on Your Kids

21 Jan 2015 Wednesday Ibrahim Colak

Anyone who sees the constant construction in Dubai knows that real estate is one of the biggest markets in the UAE. However, with the rising price of homes and rent many people are looking to move to new places that fit their housing budget. There are many challenges when it comes to moving, especially when you have a family. We all know how hard leaving the ‘familiar’ can be for adults, so imagine what it’s like for kids!

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