Are you looking to hire a maid in UAE?

Hiring a part/full-Time maid in UAE have never been easier with all the facilities available nowadays with a lot of companies and agencies that make the job easier for you, but a lot of people have doubts about the prices and the visa regulation for hiring one, this small blog will summaries all the requirements and prices.

Maid visas regulations, steps and costs

To get a maid it?s whether you go through the steps alone, or hire a maid agency that will do the job for you and guide you which makes things easier for you, you can find the best Maid visa services and a listed maid agencies at

Anyways whether you want to hire a maid agency or do it yourself, there are certain regulations and things that you need to know.

Maid visa can be acquired by the head of the household (sponsor) he?s usually the male, father or husband, and the salary for the sponsor should not be less than 6000 or 5000 with a provided residence.

You need 2 main steps to be done in order to hire the maid:

1- Residence visa (which is the permission to enter the country)

2- Medical fitness report ( to ensure the foreign maid doesn?t have any epidemic diseases)

Lastly you will have to issue the Issue of Domestic Worker Card, but this step can be done after the maid steps.

Now, the documentation you will need are:

1- Salary certificate of sponsor in Arabic (for people who works in the government sector) labour contract of sponsor (for the private sector)

2- Printed application form from any authorized printing office

3- Sponsor Passport and a copy of the maid passport

4- 4 passport size pictures of the maid

After setting of the documentations ready you need to follow the following procedures:

1- Find a near authorized typist to get the application form done, that will cost 120 plus additional typing fee (That will depend on the typist)

2- Submit all documents at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs ? Dubai and a non-urgent sticker, but if you are in a hurry wait for a few minutes and receive the employment entry permit. There you have to pay a refundable deposit of around AED 2,000 along with the application.

3- Send the original visa or copy to your maid, If you are planning to send the copy then you will have to deposit the original one at DNATA Visa Desk at Dubai airport.

4-Apply to a residence permit and medical fitness report within 30 days of the maid arrival into the country

5- After stamping take your maid to the nearest center to do the medical fitness test.

There are 3 types for a medical test with varying costs:

- Normal fitness test costs around AED 325 and it takes 5-7 days to get the results.

- 48 hour service costs AED 420

- Urgent service costs AED 520, it takes 24 hours to get the results.

From which nationalities I can hire a maid?

You are allowed to sponsor a maid from the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

How much should I be paying for my full-time maid?

The embassies from the above mentioned countries have decided a minimum Salaries, deposits and the minimum age of the maid that you need to hire:

CountryMin wageDepositMing Age
Sri LankaAED850AED367323

These are the minimum ages by the embassies to protect their workers, However, these numbers are the current minimum wages but they are a subject to any changes that might be decided by the embassies, these are still very low but to be on average 2300-3300 AED per month is fairly good, the salary should include food, clothes, phone credit, and a personal room.

 Maid Agencies

There are a lot of companies around UAE and Dubai especially they provide maid services and makes things easier for you, you can have a contract with them for an hourly charged maid or they can help you to hire a live-in full time maid.

For an hourly charged maid, you will have to set number of hours and a list of the house cleaning tasks that the maid will be doing, usually the basic tasks are floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning surfaces, dust appliances and washing the dishes, and lastly basic vacuum and cleaning for all living rooms, you can add other tasks to the tasks? list when you are deciding the contract with the company, you can find a list of the top maid Services providers for an hourly basis here at mrUsta.

If you are planning to have a live-in maid you will have to sponsor her, you can find the best Maid Visa Services agencies listed here at Mr Usta to help you with visa steps and all.

A lot of other companies they provide maid services for a certain tasks like,babysitting and pet sitting/care, you can still find the top in UAE here at mrUsta.