If you are looking for a plumber, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Ustas have expertise in all kinds of plumbing jobs, from simple jobs like clogged drains, damaged toilets, or leaking faucets to larger and more complicated plumbing issues.

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Find your plumber in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with mrUsta.

It’s inevitable. One day you’ll find yourself with a leaking faucet, a clogged toilet, or even worse – a broken pipe. You can frantically go through the phone book to find a plumber in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or search for a plumber online, but then you’ll be stuck on the phone calling multiple plumbers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and left with empty promises and worse – no plumber. And even if the plumber does show up, do you know anything about them? Does the plumber have a good reputation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Do you know anyone who has used this plumber before in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Probably not.

And that’s where we come in.

Why should I use mrUsta to find plumbers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the first place?

With us, you get multple offers from high quality, vetted, and proven plumbing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Over time, the quality of our plumbing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has not only improved drastically (as we kick the rotten ones out), but the price of quality work has gone down significantly. So, with mrUsta, you get convenience, the most professional and competent plumbing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the best value for money – and all for free as it costs you nothing to use the platform! 

Why should I assign plumbers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and close their jobs?

Although we're an online service, a bit of magic goes on behind the scenes to make mrUsta work so well. Once you assign a job to a plumbing company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, our internal team is actively (and quietly) working to ensure that your plumbing job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is carried out to your expectations by following up with the plumbing companies and mitigating any small issues that may arise with your plumbing job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We do this so you don’t have to. But we can only take care of this when we know to which plumbing company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you’ve assigned the job to. When you close the plumbing job, it tells us that your job has been completed, and that we no longer need to communicate with the plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Why should I rate the plumbers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi after I close my plumbing job?

Your personal review of your experience with the plumbing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has one of the most important roles to play with us. Your review of the plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can sway and influence other customers such as you to assign a job to these plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you may have had a great experience with.

Conversely, if you’ve had a bad experience with these plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we take steps to ensure that any issues you may have had with the plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are dealt with. We also warn the plumbing companies about their bad rating – as in mrUsta, three consecutive bad ratings and we remove the plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi off the platform. In some cases, we kick the plumbing companies off without the customary three bad ratings if the plumbing companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi have done something unforgiveable.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and post the job for plumbing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the most pleasant experience ever! Our plumbing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are waiting for you!