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Cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, and other pests making themselves too comfortable in your home? We’ve got pest control Ustas to get rid of these unwanted pests and making sure they don’t come back. Say no to sleepless nights forever!

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Pest control is not a popular topic of interest and yet, it is part of everyone’s property maintenance list in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE. For centuries pest removal has been a serious concern for people. Actually, it became a part of our lives since we first started growing crops as a way of survival.

What are the most popular pest control types in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE?

1. Insecticides, Rodenticides And Special Treatments

If you wish to exterminate vermin in order to repel them, you might use chemical treatments which are a very popular type of pest control nowadays. Different treatment solutions or sprays might be used to divert vermin off your property. In case of a severe infestation, space fumigation is the best solution for a property owner.

2. Physical Pest Control

This was the first way to get rid of pesky rodents and insects which destroyed agricultural production. It doesn’t involve complicated ways of execution, quite the opposite. Simply, this type of pest control is removing  the small rodents and insects which are destroying your crops by setting up barriers, so they can’t get to the crops. They vary from super thin nets and glass to plastic sheets that cover the crop beds.

3. Biological Pest Removal

What is biological pest control? If we have to introduce this removal method with a quote it would be “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” . In other words, it involves using living organisms to control vermin population. Also known as the bioeffector, it has proven to be highly beneficial and chemical-free. It controls mites, insect populations, weeds and plant diseases.

4. Electronic Pest Control

The advance of science and technology allows removing pests with electronic devices.

Electromagnetic Pest Control Gadgets:

One of the most wide-spread ways of control are electromagnetic gadgets. They affect the nervous system of mice, ants and other species. Electronics like these may kill dust mites. When it comes to rodents and insects, however, it only repels them.

Ultrasonic Pest Control Ways:

These devices work by emitting short length, high-frequency sound waves. They’re are effective on smaller vermin groups which are in proximity to the gadget.