Mr Usta Team

The Mr Usta Team 

Our team’s mission is to create a happy, online community by connecting customers and trusted Ustas efficiently, in a transparent and convenient manner.

We work with integrity, in teams whenever we can, appreciate everyone’s input and of course are transparent to all our stakeholders and partners. However, we also believe that the following values make us a little different in our approach and give us that extra edge:

Fun and Friendly: Finding the right service can be daunting but is essential in all our lives. But why make is so serious? We are serious about what we want to accomplish but don’t have to be serious while we do it. We have a very friendly and fun atmosphere where we treat everyone as an individual and make work fun. It’s fun for us to help the customers meet the right ustas, fun to bring a new concept to a fragmented market, fun to work with a great team to make things happen and bring smiles on customers and ustas faces alike.

Care for the Community: We believe that helping our community provides a lot of value. It’s a symbiotic “paying it forward” community. We do it because we believe, people have needs so why not help them if it helps us? Our community encompasses both, the customers and the ustas. We listen to our customers to understand their requirements and needs and match them with quality ustas. On the other hand, we not only provide good ustas but also offer them support to become bigger and better. Happier customers and ustas will only help us all grow.

Trustworthy and reliable source: It is essential when bringing people together, that trust is maintained; trust that the usta is of a certain calibre, that they are licenced or have a track record of 10 years etc. Customers and ustas alike need to feel that they can rely on us for a quality experience.

Smart and dynamic solutions: We listen to the needs of the market consistently, adapt to changes and come up with innovative solutions. Whether it is a modern online platform, or ideas for new revenue streams, or helping ustas get more customers and customers to get better ustas, it a constant endeavour to be better and think smarter.

We, as a team will uphold and incorporate these values to reflect equally on our brand.