Win Laundry



Rank Name Points
1 Kim L. 4
2 Rasha Z. 3
3 Saira S. 3
4 Bharathi G.  3
5 Nirenjan C. 3
6 Tayyaba J.  2
7 Yudi A. 2
8 Victoria R. 2
9 Poonam S. 2
10 Sapna M. 2

*Leaderboard will be updated on a weekly basis, starting from 13th November. 

What you need to do?
Book a laundry bag service or refer a friend 

What you need to know?
- The one with the highest bookings and referrals by 4th December, wins. Simple. No gimmicks. 
- The winner for the month of November will be announced on 5th December

- Every laundry bag booking will count as 1 point (if you book 2 laundry bags in the same order, it will count as 2 points).
- Every referral will count as 1 point (the point will count only once your
 referral has booked a laundry bag service and its been processed & delivered).

- The leaderboard will reset on 5th December and run for another month. 


Additional Info:

You can find your unique referral code under 'Refer a Friend' in 'My Dashboard', once you've signed up on Mr Usta.  

What’s included in the prize?

  • 52 laundry bag bookings. 1x 10kg laundry bag a week, for 52 weeks
  • You can book from any of our 'All You Can Wash' laundry bag options; 
    • Wash n Press
    • Bed Linen n Towels
    • Wash n Fold    

What’s NOT included in the prize?

  • 'All You Can Dry Clean' laundry bag option cannot be booked as part of this prize, nor will it count as a point
  • Next day delivery service. A surcharge of 50% of the value of the laundry service booked will be applied

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