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Your time is precious to you and so is the tidiness of the home. Introducing maid services Instant Booking with mrUsta where you can just book your maid services immediately for a flat weekday fee of only AED 35/hour. So you no longer have to wait for a maid service if you need food cooked, rooms cleaned, clothes ironed, and so forth.

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Housekeeping and more with maid services in Dubai and the UAE with mrUsta.

We all lead busy and sometimes hectic lives, so the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean! So make your life easier by using mrUsta to find your ideal maid service in Dubai and the UAE. No matter the job, like home cleaning, housekeeping, oven, laundry, and ironing services, maid service providers on mrUsta are ready for your post.

In addition to residential service, we can connect you to maid services in Dubai and the UAE that also do commercial jobs, including, but not limited to, regular office cleaning, floor polishing, and even cleaning services for landlords.

Just post your maid service job on our website or (for an even better user experience) app, and in a short time, you’ll get up to 5 offers from maid service providers in Dubai and the UAE!