Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Maintaining the cleanliness of a pool can be very time consuming especially with ever increasing business in our daily routines. Mr Usta can help. We offer you maintenance services that can keep your water always perfectly pristine.

Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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We can clean at the time that is most convenient for you wherein you can relax because you know that professional pool cleaners are the ones getting the job done. Our maintenance pool services includes: • Remove and clean the pump strainer as needed. Vacuum the pool as required. • Maintain Swimming pool water chemistry. • Test the pool water for the chlorine and alkaline residuals during each visit and treat as necessary with the required chemicals. • Adding chlorine to the pool (as per the requirement)/ Pool Salt provided by Client when required for pool. • Cyanuric acid cleaning (as per the requirement) • Maintain the filter room or mechanical pit in a clean condition. • Check visually to ensure that the equipment is operating satisfactorily and inform the owner/company about any repair, replacement that needs to be carried out.

Terms and conditions: • The clients is responsible for maintaining local code compliances regarding safety issue including ,but not limited to ,fencing ,gates electrical ,Etc. • If salt required for pool and salt provided by Client. • In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your weekly service, please advance to avoid unnecessary trip charges. If for some reason you need to cancel the service, we require prior notice. • Any modification/repair/maintenance required or noticed during the course of our servicing will be reported in writing and separate quotation will be submitted for which shall be payable separately. • The quoted price includes supply of required chemicals and the work shall be carried out by using our cleaning equipments.

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