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As a homeowner or a tenant, you know better than anyone that your apartment or villa will inevitably face some problems, like leaking faucets, clogged toilets, and so forth. Or, you may find that you need that extra hand to help you put up some paintings, hang up a chandelier, and other sometimes tedious jobs around your home. And that’s when you start looking for a handyman service in Dubai. So now, with mrUsta, when you do need help with home improvements and/or home repairs, you don’t need to spend hours or days even trying to find the right handyman in Dubai for the job. Just post your request on mrUsta to either immediately book a handyman in Dubai (through our Instant Booking option), or get offers from multiple handymen in Dubai, who, because they are all vying for your business, will result in some of the best rates for a handyman in Dubai you’ve possibly ever seen.

Why you should you use mrUsta to find your handyman service in Dubai? Firstly, every Dubai handyman on our platform has years of experience behind them. How do we know this? We know because we actually vet the handyman before we let them use mrUsta to offer their services! We make sure that their papers are in order (they are required to supply us with their commercial license), and we to talk to some of their customers to get an understanding of the quality of handyman work they offer in Dubai. In addition, when you book your handyman service in Dubai through our nifty Instant Booking option, you’ll know exactly how much you will be paying for your handyman service beforehand, and you can either pay online or pay the handyman directly when they have completed the job. Of course, you can also rely on reviews from previous customers who have booked a Dubai handyman service to find out what others thought of the handyman service and of the handyman himself.

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Amazing service, they went the extra mile, will always use from now A++++++ service


Handyman services in Dubai

Exceptional service from the first phone call to the wave goodbye! The team that turned up were very pleasant, fun, experienced and used their initiative well when there were hurdles to overcome - a 6-star service!


Handyman services in Dubai

The team arrived early and did a very good job. They were also flexible when the scope of the work changed slightly at very short notice. Warmly recommend.


Handyman services in Dubai


Handyman services

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Jobs for AED 150 or less

Not all your home service needs require a sizable investment. For less than a full tank of gas in the UAE, you can work done by a handyman in Dubai!

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