You probably don’t realize how much your mattress has collected dirt and dust over its lifetime. Add in your kids and pets, and your mattress could be harboring more than you bargained for. Find your mattress cleaning service in Dubai now with mrUsta a restful, worry-free sleep!


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You owe yourself a good night’s sleep with mattress cleaning services from mrUsta.

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, and you probably take your mattress for granted for the comfort it gives you during the night. But do you realize how important mattress cleaning is? Night after night, day after day, your mattress collects bacteria, dust, skin, and even pests like mites and bed bugs. And for the most part, you won’t realize that you have a problem till it’s too late. So before that time comes, you should really consider a mattress cleaning service in Dubai. And with mrUsta, booking your mattress cleaning service in Dubai couldn’t be easier. Just fill in the required details on our website or (even better) our iOS or Android apps, we will assign the highest-rated and most professional mattress cleaners in Dubai to you. All our mattress cleaning service companies in Dubai use only the most state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technologies to ensure that your mattress is as thoroughly cleaned as possible – from dusts, pests, stains, germs, and more.

If no mattress cleaning service in Dubai is available at the time you need it, your request will automatically be sent to other mattress cleaning services. These mattress cleaning service providers will send you offers, giving you the chance to negotiate until you agree on a mattress cleaning service rate that suits you. Make sure, of course, to check out the mattress cleaners’ reviews of other customers who have used their service. This should weigh more in your decision than the price alone. ‘Assign’ the job to the mattress cleaning company you agree with to allow our customer service team to follow up behind the scenes with the mattress cleaners to ensure you get the best mattress cleaning service experience ever – not one that you expect, but one that exceeds your expectations. When the mattress cleaning service is done, also kindly close the job on the platform to be able to review the Dubai mattress cleaning service and get some loyalty credits as a thank you!

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[They] did a great job! Very professional, friendly, and their work is accurate and came on time. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks!


Mattress cleaning in Dubai

Really good service! Pretty impressed!


Mattress cleaning in Dubai

Very good service! Arrived early and a good job. Great price too!

Lorna M.

Mattress cleaning in Dubai


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