One app to rule all apps. AND YOU DON’T HAVE IT YET?

one app for all home services

You may have already done the right thing and tried Mr Usta – for that, thank you and we hope you’ve had a wonderful experience! You may love us so much that you keep on coming back for more – again, awesome! Thank you! Or maybe you’re a little hesitant to try to use an online service marketplace as it’s a bit foreign to you.

Whether a new customer, regular customer, or a potential customer, this is for you. There’s a chance you may be wondering why we do things the way we do; hopefully, this will help you understand how to truly make the most out of mrUsta.

So off to our first question:

Why should I use Mr Usta in the first place?

Have you ever spent hours on the phone trying to get a service provider to, say, fix your air conditioner, and the only thing you’re left with is a dial tone and broken promises? Or once you you do get through to a service provider, he sends an offer that may sound atrociously high, but you have nothing to compare to?

At mrUsta, we take the pain out of you trying to get anything done. Think about it – from the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to bed, we have a service provider (Usta) for your entire day’s journey, and getting one takes only a few minutes versus a couple of days.

With us, you get up to five offers from high quality, vetted, and proven Ustas. Over time, the quality of our Ustas has not only improved drastically (as we kick the rotten ones out), but the price of quality work has gone down significantly.

So in summary, with mrUsta, you get convenience, the most professional and competent service providers, and the best value for money – and all for free as it costs you nothing to use the platform!

Why should I assign and close jobs?

Although we’re an online service, a bit of magic goes on behind the scenes to make Mr Usta work so well. Once you assign a job, our internal team is actively (and quietly) working to ensure that your job is carried out to your expectations by following up with the Ustas and mitigating any small issues that may arise. We do this so you don’t have to. But we can only take care of this when we know whom you’ve assigned the job to.

When you close a job, it tells us that the job has been completed, and that we no longer need to communicate with the Usta. It also allows you to post a review on your experience with the Usta – which leads into the next question…

Why should I rate Ustas?

Your personal review of your experience with the Usta actually has one of the most important roles to play with us. Your review can sway and influence other customers such as you to assign a job to this particular Usta you may have had a great experience with. Conversely, if you’ve had a bad experience, we take steps to ensure that any issues you may have had with the Usta are dealt with. We also warn the Usta about their bad rating – as in mrUsta, three consecutive bad ratings and we remove them off the platform. In some cases, we kick them off without the customary three ratings if they’ve done something unforgiveable.

As important as your reviews are to other customers, they are just as important to us. We learn from your reviews to improve and evolve Mr Usta even further. As a result of your precious feedback, only the best Ustas are now on our platform, and we will only continue to attract the best.

We consider our customers more than just customers – but partners as well. It is because of you Mr Usta is the success it is today. The oneness is on us at Mr Usta to make your experience as smooth and as pleasant as possible. And by simply assigning, closing, and rating Ustas, you will make a world of difference not only to the customers that come after you, but to Mr Usta as well.