Wallpapers: 5 Ways To Use Them!

If you think wallpapers are too mainstream, think again! Check these 5 Smart Decoration Tips Using Wallpapers:

1. Dress up your drawers:

Give a fresh clean look to the inside of your drawers. You can even change them once you are bored!

2. Add some personality to bookcases:

Choose an oversize bold patterned wallpaper as a background for an old bookcase to transform it into an eye-catching focal point.

3. The fifth wall:

Do not forget to decorate the fifth wall when hanging wallpaper. Choose a bold pattern for the ceiling, then paint the walls in a coordinating hue.

4. Step up your stair game:

Add pattern and color to a staircase with wallpaper, acrylic sheeting and decorative hardware. Choose an alternate pattern for each step for a custom look.

5. Fancy dressers:

Transform a basic dresser with wallpaper. Transform a basic flat-front dresser - a sample-size roll is all you need for this project.