Fix Any Fone - Usta of the month

At mrUsta, we like to recognize the great Ustas that we have on our platform. This month we shed the light on our Usta of the Month, 'Fix Any Fone'.

Fix Any Fone is a Mobile Phone Repair Centre based in Dubai, UAE, that specializes in all mobile, tablet, and laptop repairs. Fix Any Fone was first established in London, UK, and after years of hard work and dedication, they finally branched out to the UAE. They offer free pickup and delivery, warranty, and same day service on all repairs and even offer the option of a replacement phone while your device is with them whilst under repair. 

We asked them a few questions to understand their business better and get some insights.

Q. What are you passionate about?

A. When a customer hands over a damaged phone, there’s obviously a lot content - contacts, photos, media, etc. in it. Eventually, it all comes down to sentimental value for the customer. Having the satisfaction and the pleasure of returning it back to them fully functional is unparalleled. The happiness we bring to the customers drives the passion in us to go that extra mile each time.

Q. What was the best compliment / feedback you received from a customer?

A. The best compliment we got from a customer was from a chap named Sajid, whose iPad we repaired and he was immensely grateful via Mr Usta ratings and also private messenger.

Q. What are the most unique requests you have had from customers?

A. One time, a customer asked us to replace his normal iPhone 6 housing with an 18 karat gold-plated limited edition iPhone 6 case. That was pretty unique. 

Q. What is the most common request/job do you get?

A. Most common request is definitely iPhone screen replacements.

Q. What has Mr Usta added to your business?

A. mrUsta has definitely added brand exposure to our company. Working with a reputable and recognized company like mrUsta has definitely exposed Fix any Fone via digital platform and we hope to let it grow and succeed together accordingly. 

'Fix Any Fone' has a rating of 4.3/5 on mrUsta. Below are some examples of the customer reviews they have received: