Jobs for AED 150 or less.

Jobs for the price of gas!

Not all your home service needs require a sizable investment. For less than a full tank of gas in the UAE (AED 150 and rising for your average SUV!), you can get a lot done for your home right here on mrUsta!

House cleaning
House cleaning and maid services start at the great rate of AED 35/hour! Hire one cleaner, two, or even more to your heart's content!
one cleaner, two cleaners, or more cleaners for as many hours as you like! 

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Furniture repair
Scratched or scraped your precious Lazy Boy? No worries! Furniture repair services with Mr Usta are only AED 150/hour! 
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We know what kind of catastrophic damage a burst pipe can do (think 'JLT Traffic Gridlock of 2017' a few days ago). Stop your leaks and any other damage with certified and registered plumbers at a low rate of only AED 150/hour! 
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Handyman services
Hang your painting, fix your cupboard, and do a whole PLETHORA of other services with handyman services at an amazing rate of only AED 140/hour.
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Pest control services
Tell bugs to...well...bug off! All pest control services on Mr Usta are certified by the Dubai municipality and come with a 6 month guarantee and start at AED 150 per treatment.

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AC services
Stay cool with mrUsta! Get your AC repaired or maintained for the low, low , rate of AED 150/unit.Or, for just a few AED more, you can opt to do a full servicing for your air conditioners from AED 160/unit. You can't go wrong either way!
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Of course, we still have many, many, other categories for you to choose from. If there is anything you need done today, tomorrow, or even yesterday (yes - we're looking at you procrastinator!), just go ahead and find the job you need by clicking below. 
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