Struggling to buy a reliable used car in the UAE?


Are you struggling to find a used car in the UAE that suits your style and budget? What if you find your desired car, but still need to check it any hidden damage or exterior damage?

That’s normal! Many people around UAE are facing the same issue. If you have no idea where to start from, you are in the right place now.

We all know that living in UAE requires a car. Yet, not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new car. The associated fees for the brand-new car even make it worse. You can save a ton of money by buying a used car on Melltoo Klassifriends.

Melltoo Used Cars in UAE allows you to search for cars for sale in your area according to your taste, brand preference and budget. Buying through the Melltoo Used Cars classifieds is 100% safe. Buyers buy from sellers they trust.

Melltoo has cool features for buyers and sellers such as

1- Geo-localization: This feature gives you pinpoints to where a buyer or a seller is located on the UAE map.

2- Built-in chat messenger: You can have a real-time conversation with the buyer or seller and you can negotiate and discuss the car offered sale.

3- Reviews: You can go and check the reviews from other users and there are also video tutorials.

4- Social media integration: This will help you to share the car you like on social platforms and get reviews from your friends and family.

Used cars in UAE by melltoo will give you a great opportunity to find your desired car by searching model, brand, year and mileage. Don’t forget; you can also sell your car on this platform as well.

Okay, I found my suitable car how can I check it for any hidden or exterior problems?


Even if you have a great experience with cars, some problems will always be out of your sight. This is the fear that leads people to go for brand-new cars over their budget and get broke for the rest of the year!

But Mr Usta can help you out! Usta means master, guru or expert.

mrUsta provides to everyone a simple way to find a good quality service providers (builder, plumber, mechanic.. ) and even more with more than 200 categories from cake decorating to electricians ending with maid services.

More than 6000 visitors visit Mr Usta every month to get their tasks done by the most famous professionals around the UAE.

For our problem, we need to search in the auto services categories, like auto repair and maintenance services, find the professional Ustas (experts) to get your car checked for any damages or problems but also you can find them nearby your current location.

Read what the service provider has promised and what type of services he provides and choose the best Usta.

Check out what people have said about that Usta, and when you get your car check done, rate the service from it to give extra feedback to other people when they come in for the same task!

After you decide on your Usta; contact them and get your car checked and fixed by professionals. And also enjoy adding some cool accessories to your new car by checking Auto Accessories category on as well.