KADI - Usta of the Month

At Mr Usta we like to recognize the great Ustas that we have on our platform. This month we shed the light on our USTA OF THE MONTH “Kadi Auto Repairing (KAR)”

KAR is a vehicle service center specializing in service, repairs and modifications of American, European and Japanese cars. They have been in the UAE for 20 years now (since 1996).

KAR is based out of Al Aweer Industrial Area but they cover requests from all over Dubai and Sharjah. They have their eyes on expanding to the rest of the UAE in the near future.

They currently have more than 15 experienced staff members who are specialists in their respective fields.

We asked them a few questions to understand their business better and get some insights from them.


Q: What is KAR passionate about?

A: We are passionate about cars and that’s why we started this company. We want to do things differently.

Every customer is unique and important to us. We provide our services tailored to customer requirements and convenience. This endeavor makes us stand out in the market.  We want customers to have a single stop for all of their car needs. We are a One stop shop for all that a car needs.


Q: What was the best compliment / feedback you received from a customer?

A: We are grateful for every compliment we receive but the greatest flattery was from a customer who had lost hopes from every service center she visited but in vain. After we fixed her car she was overjoyed and mentioned “You guys are awesome, you brought my car back to life. I thought I would never trust anyone in this field, but I was wrong. Thank you so much


Q: What are the most unique requests you have had from customers?

A: We received an inquiry from a customer to change all four tires in his parking garage. It was kind of a strange offer to accept, because we were never prepared for it. But I took a minute to think and accepted the offer. However, we accepted the job after a brief thought on how to deliver it. We arranged the tools on site and completed the job. All such requests we receive will now be addressed in no time.


Q: What is the most common request/job to you get?

A: The most common inquiry would be regular service which includes (5,000/ 10,000kms Service -Oil/Filter change, Full checkup)


Q: What has Mr Usta added to your business?

A: Mr Usta has given us good exposure and reach in the market.  We are grateful to receive many qualified leads. This has in fact reduced our marketing expenses. They have made our work easier and helped us focus on what we do best.

I even use mrUsta as a customer for other services I require in my daily life and I recommend each and every one to try it.

Kadi Auto Repairing have a rating of 4.7/5 on mrUsta. Below are some examples of the customer reviews they have received:

"Super job done! Really professional. dealing with KAR was easy cause they delivered as promised showed up on time did a wonderful interior detailing job and threw in a free exterior wash and polish… This also included a free pick up n drop off service... For the price I paid couldn't be happier... they will definitely be getting a lot of referrals from me!"

"Very professional and polite team and they did an excellent job on my car. They were very thorough and provided a fast and efficient service. When you use the Kadi team, you will be very happy with the service."


For a regular service (oil/filter change and 20pt check and body wash) prices start from AED 95 depending on the type of vehicle.