Safe Home General Maint Cont - Usta of the Month

At mrUsta, we like to recognize the great Ustas that we have on our platform. This month we shed the light on our USTA OF THE MONTH 'Safe Home General Maint Cont'.

Safe Home General Maint Cont is an established general home maintenance company in the UAE based in Al Quoz with over 10 staff members.

The company specializes in all home services requirements like AC Repair and Maintenance, Carpentry, Flooring Contracting, Lighting, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical Services and more.

We asked them a few questions to understand their business better and get some insights.


1. What is Safe Home General Maint Cont passionate about?

We are passionate about making a difference in the market which can only be achieved by going an extra mile. We want to provide quality service that is exceeds the value of the money spent on the service.


2. What was the best compliment/feedback you received from a customer?

We have received many compliments but the one we won’t forget was from a newly moved-in customer in his villa: “God has sent you as my angel. I had so many problems”.


3. What are the most unique requests you have had from customers?

We would say that every job is unique, It’s just how you consume it and which tactics you use to resolve it.


4. What is the most common request/job do you get?

It varies, according to seasons as summer is for AC maintenance and winter is for water heaters, whereas we would say we get many requests for  handymen. Electrical jobs are quite common too.


5. What value has Mr Usta added to your business?

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." We will refer to this quote as being together we can do so much.

Since we joined mrUsta, we have seen regular enquiries from Mr Usta customers. This has allowed us to increase our overall business as well as reach new customers. We currently have a winning rate of close to 35% for all offers we send which gives us a positive ROI with mrUsta. We have seen a growth of 30% in our business.


Safe Home General Maint Cont has a rating of 4.3/5 on mrUsta. Below are some examples of the customer reviews they have received: