200 reasons why you should get our iPhone app

We wouldn’t want you to feel cheated or anything. Although there are more than 200 reasons to download our app for your iPhone, we are just going to keep it simple and highlight the most important ones:

1. Finding a service provider could not be easier.
Imagine being able to get your leaking pipes fixed or your AC maintained from the convenience of your pocket! Our app does just that for you. Pull your iPhone out, take three minutes, and BAM! You’ve got a job posted. You can even use the app to chat with the Ustas who haven’t sent offers to you like how you would chat with a friend on WhatsApp.

2. You’re in the loop.
From time to time – actually, quite often – we send offers out that are exclusive to our existing customers. And we only send those offers out by push notifications to the app. Of course, you have full control with your notification settings, but why would you want to be left behind?

3. You’re always up-to-date.
We didn’t just create the app for your iPhone and forget about it. Most updates we make are based on the comments and feedback we get from you – the customer. Our iPhone app was designed FOR you, so we take any input we get very seriously,

Typically, updates come to the app before they hit the website so don’t you always want to be ahead of the curve?

4. We’ve got an awesome loyalty program.
Although not exclusive to the iPhone app, The Guild – our first-of-its-kind loyalty program – offers a different experience on the app. You get rewarded with credits (each credit is worth AED 1) for doing things like signing up, posting your first job, and assigning and closing a job. We even have a great referral program that rewards you with credits with you refer a friend and they sign up! You can then use the credits you earned towards future jobs on mrUsta.

Awesome eh? Find out more about The Guild here.

5. You can get 200 credits - NOW.
With the power of our current partnership with Apple behind us, we will give you AED 200 worth of FREE credit if you install the iPhone app and sign up to mrUsta!  This is a limited time offer, so if you haven’t already signed up and haven’t installed the iPhone app, you have to do it now. You can find our app on the Apple AppStore here.

There.  That’s literally 200, no, 205 reasons to download our iPhone app. Plus, you can check out a previous post on reasons why you should use mrUsta to add to your list.

14,000 iPhone customers have already downloaded the Mr Usta app. Don’t be left behind - get it pronto!