Choosing the right mover

Movers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Dubai and the UAE are always in flux: people move into the cities, move within the cities, or move back home. And come summer, it seems everyone is moving. As a result, there is no shortage of moving companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  But how do you pick the right movers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? What movers and packers can you trust? And what moving company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is the most reliable?

Fortunately for you, mrUsta has your back. As a platform that hosts a plethora of moving companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we’ve come up with the best way to choose your next movers and packers:

Check out their reviews
Nothing is more precious than peer reviews. People like you and me rating movers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has great sway in helping you decide with what mover to go with. You must be careful though – companies, moving companies included, will tend to write their own reviews about some anonymous mover ‘experience’ to influence you. 

Don’t worry though – not at mrUsta. We verify that every review – whether for movers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or otherwise – are real, genuine reviews.

Review out their documentation
First and foremost, do NOT accept the services of a moving company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi if they refuse to show you their commercial registration. By law, every company in Dubai and the UAE must have a commercial registration that clearly lays out what services they are licensed to do. Furthermore, many residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, especially tower buildings, require that movers have insurance to cover any damage that they may cause to the building’s public areas during the move. Again, if they refuse to show you their insurance, turn away and run.

Consider their specialized services (if you need them)
You may have extremely valuable furniture that may be prone to the normal wear and tear of a move. Some movers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi do offer niche services that will cater to your bespoke requirements. Also, if you need storage space, many movers also have storage facilities. Make sure that their storage facilities are climate-controlled and secured; asking the moving company if you can visit to put your mind at ease.

Show me the money!
Funny enough, cost is the LAST thing you should look at when considering moving companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. It is vastly more important to take the above into consideration first. For an accurate quote,  Dubai movers or Abu Dhabi will pay you a visit for free.

Just a rule of thumb - If you find that the quote sent to you by a moving company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is too good to be true – then it probably is. It’s well worth your time to fork over extra cash for an excellent moving company that’s been regularly reviewed positively. At mrUsta, we’ve heard nightmare stories of moves gone completely wrong (don’t worry – none of these moving companies are on our platform) where furniture has fallen out of trucks or arrived damaged beyond repair – all because the customer thought it was a good deal. There are reasons that some shady moving companies offer cutthroat prices; they simply don’t invest in their people, vehicles, and facilities. And they don’t care if that risk gets carried on to you.

Ok now. Since now you’re armed with the knowledge of how to choose the right moving company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it’s time to actually pick one. Just head over to our moving page on our platform to get up to five offers from moving companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in no time at all. It’s easy, it’s simple, and everything you need to know about the movers is right there in front of you – offers, reviews, and all.

We wish you the very best of luck come moving day!