Hammerheads - Usta of the Month

Here at mrUsta, we like to recognize those great Ustas that have truly added value not only to our platform, but to our customers too. For March, this recognition goes to Hammerheads, our Usta of the Month.

Hammerheads, a Dubai-based service provider, offer multiple service ranging from maintenance, electrical, to handyman services and more.

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We wanted to understand a bit more about Hammerheads, so we spoke to Mohamed Saif, the provider’s Chief Operations Office and self-proclaimed ‘Ring Leader’:

What are you passionate about?

 I love to travel. My life is defined by my experiences. Travelling gives me time to reflect, meditate, and learn more about people and culture. My adventures have served profound espresso shots for my brain that has harvested wisdom from my experiences. To date, I have traveled to more than 35 countries and I can’t wait to make a hundred.

What is the best compliment you have received from a client?

Before Christmas Eve 2016, we delivered a custom-made bar. The bar was a gift from a wife to her husband.  The surprise delivery to their doorstep put a wide smile on the husband's face. The family told us, and we quote "You guys are the modern Santa Claus."

 What are the most unique requests you have had from customers?

Our most unique request was when a client requested a wooden wall art of a world map. The wall art was to be used as a background to pin printed pictures of their travels around the world.

What is the most common request / job you get?

Building custom cabinets and closets.

What has Mr Usta added to your business?

Mr Usta has provided us with a tech-savvy way to reach more customers.

Mohamed, COO and Ring Lead of Hammerheads, looking his best

Hammerheads has a rating of 4.9/5 on mrUsta. Check out what some very happy customers have said about them:

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