Bringing your dream Pinterest board to life: The magic of online interior design

The front of a light blue villa with palm trees on both sides in a Mediterranean style.

After pinning all those inspirational interior shots, designing your home can feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily your dream decor is now only a few clicks away, as online interior design services take over the digital scene.

The rise of online design shops from H&M Home to Habitat – bringing you cool, great quality pieces at affordable prices – is fueling the success of online interior design services. From the comfort of your couch you now get access to a thousand other sofas that could suit your interior. But the problem with the power of choice is that it gets hard to choose. And that’s where the online stylist comes in.

Left: A colourful boho interior with striped, coloured pouffes, blue sofa with white cushions and a green trunk and ditto painting against the wall. Right: A girl sits on the bed with her laptop presumably making use of an online interior design serivce in a light boho decor with hats on the wall.

Save time and money

Dressing your interior from top to bottom will always be expensive, even if you’re shopping Ikea. Taking on the challenge of getting the right furniture, materials, colours and lighting for your specific style and house, can be a bit of a hit and miss situation – when you basically can’t afford to miss. Calling in the help of an online designer helps you avoid having to repaint your five metre high ceilings because you chose some crazy colour after just too many glasses of Chardonnay.

These online services answer the questions that usually take a lot of time and design knowledge – both things most of us are lacking. Now, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to make your home comfortable. You get professional and personalised advice from experienced stylists whenever and wherever you want. And communications about your dream home being handled over the phone or email, don’t make it less personal. On the contrary.

Left: An online interior design example of a boho interior with terracotta walls and rug and a white ceiling. Right: A bedroom with terracotta coloured wall and dark orange bedside with a modern, black wall lamp.

Get personal

These new online interior design services like Moodfit offer personalised, full packages that make your decor dreams come true in just a few steps. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your preferences, budget and floor plan and what you’ll get is a total redesign, including a handy list of all products needed – everything to be delivered at your doorstep.

The cherry on top of this extremely delicious cake though, is the built-in designer matchmaking service. No more relying on experiences of friends and family or random reviews when looking for interior insights. We told you this was super personal. Based on your taste, you get a nicely curated list for you to pick a designer from. An interior is a way of expressing yourself, so you’re going to want to do that with the best possible partner, someone who gets you.

Left: A pink clad building with contrasting blue sky. Right: This millennial pink statement wall paired with a black wire chair and white wire coffee table is an online interior design dream.

Be bold, not boring

Working with a professional interior stylist could even teach you something about yourself. Chances are the designer will come up with ideas that never crossed your mind, despite your billion Pinterest boards. It’s about leaving safe choices behind and going from boring to daring. As the stylist shows you the creative potential of your home, you might just surprise yourself when you finally go for that rough rug or those colourful cushions you always wanted.

What defines good design aren’t just the looks. It’s about comfort too. So why not start with making the design process more comfortable? These days, your new interior shouldn’t be much more than a click away.