The rainbow connection: find the right colors for your home

You probably aren’t fully aware of it, but colors have a strong influence on how we feel and on our moods. It’s also a reflection of who we are, especially when decided the colors to paint your home. For example, an easy-going personality might choose neutral colors, while an energetic, dynamic personality one might go for bolder and ‘gutsier’ colors. Consider this is a guide when you shop around for colors for your new painting job.

But do you know what your paint colors actually mean? How the paint color may make you or guests feel?

painting colors

To find out, you don’t have to look further than the advertising and branding industry, where years of research have come down to some interesting conclusions. You may wonder why certain color combinations are used in logos and other branding material; now you’ll know why. Here we take a look at what colors, what they mean, and what color paint suits your rooms.

Red can take on a variety of meaning, associated with both love and war, but the unifying factor in all meanings is a sense of importance. In turn, red paint raises a room’s energy and is an excellent stimulant for conversation. Therefore, the best rooms to use shades of red are in both the living room and the dining room; use it in the entrance of your home to create a powerful and impactful first impression.

When you think of the color yellow, perhaps the warm of a sun’s rays is the very emotion it evokes in you. Naturally, yellow is a happy color. Yellow paint works anywhere in your home where you need to energize your surroundings; your bathroom, dining room, kitchen – all excellent choices. Using it in smaller spaces and hallways will give the impression that the rooms are bigger than they really are.

You’ve probably noticed that blue is one of the most commonly used colors. Why? Blue is a color associated with trust (that’s why most banks use blue in their logos). It is also calming and why many children’s rooms are color with some shade of blue. For your home, you can use blue paint almost anywhere – just make sure to use warmer shades of blue rather than brighter ones.

Green, for obvious reasons, is associated with nature. It’s also a relaxing color to look at and, like blue, will work in any room. Again, just make sure you use warmer shades of green when you decided to repaint your home.

Purple is a sophisticated color. Think of the ‘Royal Blue’ or “Tyrian Purple’ colors used in garments by royalty in old times past. Purple gives off an essence of luxury, and can also be considered mysterious. Purple paint works well in bedrooms; even better than blues as blues may sometimes give off a ‘cold’ feeling.

Orange gives off excitement. Like yellow, it is associated with the sun. Energetic and dynamic, it can add that ‘oomph’ needed to really raise the energy of a room. Use orange paint in your child’s playroom, or if you have a home gym, orange paint is a perfect complement to your workout routine.

Choosing the right paint color for your home in Dubai and the UAE is just as important as your fittings or the furniture. Color choice is obviously a personal matter, and it should also reflect who you are and what lifestyle you want your home to suggest. At MrUsta, you can find interior designers and painters to help you decide. So go ahead, post your job, and find your emotional rainbow connection!