The Art of Procrastination

Everyone does it. I procrastinated writing this blog and instead had tweet conversations this morning. We can’t help it. Sometimes we just don’t want to do something as it feels like a mountain. But eventually most of us get on with the task and do it (like I am now). 
But if you leave the tasks piling up, it can give you anxiety and the clutter also becomes a visual reminder of your procrastination. 
Do you put down something, say an item of clothing, that you think you will put away in the wardrobe later and then never put it away? That’s procrastination and increasing your clutter. These types of actions can accumulate into a massive mountain of tasks, items – clutter! You need to sort it out eventually but you might ask how? 
Here are some tips to start dealing with the mountain and your procrastination:

1. Do it now – Instead of leaving something on the side, put it away in its place immediately; be it the laundry basket, wardrobe, recycling bin, etc.

2. Just a little – Start dealing with small areas such as the coffee table and organising the clutter on it.

3. Feelin’ good – Feel good about what you have accomplished each time you clean some clutter, no matter how big or small the area.

4. Remove the fear – for some it’s not the procrastination, but fear. There is fear of loss, fear of what is underneath, fear of where you will go after losing this clutter and fear of seeing who you are underneath the clutter. This is harder to deal with but the fear will eventually go as you remove the clutter slowly away. 

5. Hire a professional organiser such as Decluttr Me to guide you through the process. We are here to advise, help with the heavy lifting, hold your hand and finally organise your areas once we have removed the clutter. 
Once you start the process of decluttering you will feel the anxiety lift from you and start feeling lighter.