Car Foiling and Wrapping in the UAE

Are you tired of the color of your car or do you wish for it not to get scratched? Do you feel bored or uninspired every time you get into your car? Want to make it look more awesome and customized? The answers are here!

Rather than re-painting the car, have you heard of foiling or wrapping? 

Foiling is the process of wrapping your car with special material to give it a sparky new look and protect it from scratches! Instead of having to go the boring re-painting route, you can opt for a color change with wrapping material. The material comes in brushed metals, carbon fiber, matte and high gloss colors, with plenty to choose from. In essence, you get a wealth of options with the added fun of wrapping your car to give it a brand new look!

An additional feature of car foiling is that its easy to go back to your old color and look whenever you need to. All you have to do is peel off the wrapping. It's that simple, no hustling with re-painting the car and no damage or residue is left on the car when the wrapping is peeled off. 

This creative technique was founded in Germany and has found a warm home in Dubai and the UAE, with a staggering number of car enthusiasts turning their drab looking cars to fab ones overnight, with a simple wrap!

Where can i get foiling done?

Visit our Car Branding & Foiling page for the easiest way to find a reliable auto workshop in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Just add your car model, the finish you're looking to get done and you'll start receiving quotes from several vetted auto workshops in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.