Car Foiling and Accessories in UAE

Are you tired of the color on your car or do you wish for your car not to get scratches? Are you one of the people who love to change and add? If you feel bored whenever you get into your car thinking what can I add to make it look more awesome? The answers are here!

Rather than re-painting the car or scratching your head for how best to protect your car from scratches, why not try foiling? What is car foiling you might ask? And where?s the best place to do car foiling?

Well, it is the process of literally wrapping your car with special material to give it a sparky new look or protect it from scratches! Instead of having to go the boring re-painting route, you can opt for a color change with wrapping material. The material comes in brushed metals, carbon fiber, matte colors and high gloss colors, with plenty of colors to choose from. In essence, you get a wealth of options with the fun of simply wrapping your car into a brand new look!

The best way to try foiling and protect your car is to find the service providers that specialize in car foiling, you can visit Car Branding & Foiling category to find the top services providers for car foiling across UAE at mrUsta!

In addition, a special feature about car foiling that in the event if you are tired of the foil for some reason or you simply wish to get back your old color, then all you have to do is peel off the wrapping. It's that simple, no hustling with re-painting the car and no damage or residue is left on the car when the tape is peeled off. 

Always remember that the tape is thick enough to protect your precious car from any scratches, chips or nicks that are bound to come into contact with your car.

This brilliant idea was born in Germany, it has found a warm home in Dubai and UAE with a number of people fascinated with the 'magical' change that turns a car from drab to fab with a simple wrap!

Cool, I liked car foiling and it looks great! I still think I want to buy new auto parts for my car

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This phenomenon takes away from the boredom of having to paint your car and lets you simply pick the material you wish to use and the color and have fun watching your car transform before your eyes!

OK but I want to see a few samples before going for it?

And you don?t want to pay for that! is your solution. CarpoolArabia is an online carpooling solution for both companies and individuals who want to share both the ride and its cost. Their mission is to provide all users, across the UAE and, hopefully, the region, with an alternative transportation system.

In addition to enjoying a share-ride, you have also a chance to try to look-out for a share-drive with a beautifully foiled car and chat about advantages of car foiling during your drive.

By using Carpool Arabia, you don't only save money and grow the sharing economy but you also promote a more sustainable way of driving that saves natural resources and build a community by having people helping each other out.