Deli Bite - Usta of the Month

At mrUsta, we like to recognize the great Ustas that we have on our platform. This month we shed the light on our USTA OF THE MONTH “Deli Bite Catering Services

Deli Bite is a family run business, offering catering of savory and dessert finger food to any kind of special event. Their menu is diverse with items from Latin American as well as middle eastern cuisines. They have a central kitchen in Dubai Internet City but they cater to the entire Emirates.

They started operations in the UAE in September of 2014.

We asked them a few questions to understand their business better and get some insights from them.


Q: What is Deli Bite passionate about?

A: Being a family run business, it is very important for us to put our heart into every step we take, and we get our reward from the positive feedback of our customers.


Q: What was the best compliment/feedback you received from a customer?

A: One of our corporate customers told us that they were so happy having us as their regular caterer because we were the first one to offer food so good that everyone eats, with no exception, and the employees always request deli bite for their functions/gatherings.


Q: What are the most unique requests you have had from customers?

A: To design a menu using our current offerings but adding a twist of Emirati flavors, which we were more than happy to accommodate.


Q: What has Mr Usta added to your business?

A: mrUsta has helped us get exposure and reach more customers. As a catering business, we rely strongly on getting online exposure and this is where Mr Usta helps. We also like how easy and practical is the platform that Mr Usta offers, this is true from both the client side as well as the vendor side. It makes the initial communication step simpler and helps connect the needs of the customer with the right supplier.


Deli-Bite Catering have a rating of 4/5 on mrUsta. They offer a variety of catering packages starting from AED 50 per person.