Eager Beaver - Usta of the Month

Here at mrUsta, we like to recognize those great Ustas that have truly added value not only to our platform, but to our customers as well. For this month, this recognition goes to Eager Beaver, our Usta of the Month.

Eager Beaver was founded with a clear single-minded mission to redefine the technical services market in Dubai and Ras Al Khaima. The company does all sorts of maintenance and contracting works including painting, electrical, plumbing, AC maintenance, and landscaping, amongst others.

To understand what goes on behind Eager Beaver, we spoke to Mehmood Ali Malik, partner at the company:

Can you tell the readers a little background about Eager Beaver? When did it get started? How/why did you come up with the idea?
Eager Beaver Building Contracting LLC was founded in May 2013. As we have been into building material supply and trading since 2004, we found it somehow similar to our current trade.


If you can describe Eager Beaver in only one word, what would it be and why?

“Enthusiastic”, as I really have an enthusiastic team.


What’s the biggest challenging you’ve faced?

Building this talented and committed team.


What is the most flattering compliment or feedback you’ve ever received?

I believe the best compliment we have ever gotten is ‘best service for a low price’.


What is the most common request you get for your services?

Depends on the season: in summer, AC maintenance, painting, Astroturf installation and repair are the most popular; in winter, water heater maintenance, in addition to painting and Astroturf installation/maintenance.


What are your thoughts on mrUsta? What has it done for your business?

Mr Usta is a really amazing platform companies like ours who know how to work but are not good at marketing. Mr Usta does what they know best (marketing), while we focus on our core business. It’s an ideal relationship. 


Eager Beaver has a rating of 4.5/5 on mrUsta. Check out an example of what a happy customer had to say:

Eager Beaver testamonial