mrUsta Voucher Guideline

How to activate your voucher?

  1. Click "Post a Job" on the main page and enter job details
  2. Select "I have a voucher code" on the second step of the "Post a Job" form and enter the voucher code
  3. Your voucher code will be activated and you can see your active vouchers on the  "Dashboard - Vouchers" menu


How to redeem your voucher?

After you received the service from the service provider click on "Close Job" on the job

  1. Select the Usta that provided you the service
  2. Select the voucher that you would like to use for this job and close the job
  3. Inform Usta that you used your voucher for this job 
  4. Subtract the voucher amount from the total cost of the job and pay usta directly the remaining amount.


For Ustas

After delivering the service if a customer wants to use a voucher

  1. Ask customer to close the job and select your company as the usta which completed the job
  2. Ask the customer to select the voucher that he/she wants to redeem from vouchers list
  3. The amount of voucher + 10% extra credit will be recharged to your account or the amount of voucher will be paid to you as cash on the same day as per your preference.