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Find someone to sort out your phone within minutes with mrUsta. Our phone repair Ustas can fix your damaged phone, whether it’s as simple as a broken screen or a phone that just refuses to work.

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How to post your phone repair job in Dubai and the UAE on mrUsta.

No matter what brand you carry, if you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily. Your phone brings you the latest news, connects you to world, stores your favorite pictures, and helps you get to appointments on time. You might even use it to talk to people. :) We understand that if it gets damaged or stops working correctly, it is such a big problem that has you at wit's end.
You will need to have fast diagnosis to your problem; and if the damage is serious, reach a smartphone repair service so that your dependable device can be back in your hands quickly.
Like all electronic equipment, the smart phones are also made up of fragile components that may suffer significant damage if you drop the device on the floor. If you accidentally drop your phone, there are a few potential outcomes and few of them are good only.
So pick up your phone from the floor first and let’s understand the impact of the drop.

Minor Damage

Another possibility is that your phone survives the fall with only minor damage. This could be anything from a scratch on the face to partial loss of functionality. For example, the mute switch could stop working, or cellular service could become intermittent. If your phone is damaged but you can live with that damage, like a small scratch on the screen, you better don’t bother to look for a repair as it’ll be time and money consuming, and you are going to change it for a new model anyhow soon. But if the damage is preventing you from proper operation, consider contacting a technical service support to ask about possible repair options.

Major Damage

The worst case scenario is that the glass face shatters or the phone is damaged irreparably. If this happens, clean up the glass carefully using gloves to avoid cuts or exposure to toxic chemicals. If the phone is not working but the screen remains unbroken, repair technicians may be able to repair it or help you recover your data. Replacement screens are available, too. Contact your repair service for options.


It is now easy to drive to a mall on Friday, find a parking lot, swim through the human ocean and reach your destination shop just to drop your phone, and don’t forget, you will need to do this again for pick-up. So location and proximity of the service shop is important, check their locations on the map on before you call one.
Some even offer pick-up and drop-off services which might be very convenient for you. Or there are some with multiple locations and options so that you can bring them your device when and where it is suitable for you.

Warranty on repairs

Some shops offer a certain amount of time of warranty period; it can vary from a month to a year, depending on the part and model repaired. If the repair fails because of the quality of a part they installed or due to the workmanship in repairing the device, they guarantee to fix it for free. Although sounds like a good deal; you know well enough you might experience problems when you ask for it, so better to look for a reliable and well-known shop to avoid headaches later on.


Last but not least; cost of course. Do your check, get your quote and analyze it well before giving them go-ahead unless you want to pay half of the brand-new phone cost for a screen repair of an old model.