Furniture Repair and Maintenance

Our furniture repair Ustas are specialized in all matters of furniture repair and maintenance, including upholstery, repairing damage due to wear-and-tear, water, or fire, touch-ups, and furniture restoration. There’s a right Usta for each and every furniture repair and maintenance job you may need.

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Don’t throw away that old chair just yet! Find furniture repair and maintenance services through mrUsta instead.

Throwing away your old furniture can be heart breaking. But did you know that you could extend the life of your couch with furniture repair and maintenance services in Dubai and the UAE through mrUsta.

Furniture repair and maintenance services includes everything from dealing with scratches, dents, and major repairs for all kinds of furniture. Furniture repair and maintenance services also includes, but is not limited to, antique furniture repair and restoration, refinishing, polishing, frame repairs, furniture upholstery repair and replacement, and a lot more.

All it takes three easy steps with mrUsta: just post your furniture repair and maintenance service job with all the required details (it won’t take more than two minutes), and up to five furniture and repair service providers will be sending you offers just a short time later!