Credit System

We want to empower our Ustas to find strong customer leads online

About mrUsta

We use a credit system for Ustas


The credit system works as follows:

  • Every Usta is required to maintain a prepaid account of credits to quote on specific jobs received through our platform.
  • One credit = one dirham
  • Credits will be deducted every time an Usta sends an offer for a specific job or receives a job lead through our search engine.
  • A dashboard on each Usta account is available on our website to track all jobs and credit activities.
  • E-mail confirmation for all recharging and credit activities.

Recharge online with your credit card

  • Recharge 5,250 Incl 5% VAT, get 5250 credits (Incl 250 free credits)
  • Recharge 2,100 Incl 5% VAT, get 2100 credits (Incl 100 free credits)
  • Recharge 1,050 Incl 5% VAT, get 1050 credits (Incl 50 free credits)

Other payment options

    • Bank Transfer


Bank: Mashreq Bank

Branch: RIQA BRANCH [017]

Account Number: 019100047105

IBAN Number: AE080330000019100047105

Account Currency: AED


TRN 100342369400003


    • Cheque Collection



    • Cash Collection

Usta Fees

    • Offer Fee

You pay AED 5 fee when you send offers to jobs posted by customers.

    • Confirmed Lead Fee

Once a customer accepts your offer, you pay a fixed amount depending on the value of the job. This amount will be clearly displayed on the job details screen. 


    • Direct Lead Fee

When a customer displays Usta phone number or visits Usta web address via mrUsta web, a fixed fee of 1 credit will be charged to Usta account. If a call or SMS initiated via mrUsta mobile apps, a fixed fee of 5 credits will be charged to the Usta account.

The Usta account will be charged "only one time a day" when the same customer or same IP address visitor displays the Usta phone number, visits the Usta web page, or initiates a call or SMS via mobile apps.