Auto Battery Services

When your car starts running out of juice, it’s time to find an auto battery service Usta. Post a job to find someone will fix your battery, maintain it, or – if all else fails – replace it.

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Auto battery services in Dubai and the UAE through mrUsta

With mrUsta, finding an auto battery service in Dubai and the UAE is a breeze. All you need to do is post a job for auto battery services and you’ll get up to five offers in no time. Here’s a helpful guide about when you need to service or change your auto battery and so dos and don’ts:

Auto battery warning signs

Identifying the warning signs and getting your car battery checked could save you from a more costly repair down the road.
If your auto battery is more than 5 years old, or if you’re experiencing one of the warning signs listed below, it’s time for a service:
You hear clicking or buzzing when you turn the ignition
Your car has trouble or is slow starting
The eye (if equipped) on your battery is dark or clear

Auto battery dos and don’ts

Keep your battery and case clean. Dirt and other deposits can prematurely corrode battery terminals.
Check the cables to make sure they are firmly attached to the auto battery terminals.
Always disconnect your car battery’s negative cable first and reattach it last.
Charge in a well-ventilated area. The process of charging a battery releases highly flammable hydrogen.
Handle car batteries carefully. A cracked case could spill harmful chemicals and cause severe burns and/or blindness.
Dispose of an auto battery in accordance with local UAE law.

Wear jewelry when working with an auto battery.
Lean over a car battery.
Guess as to what type/size of auto battery your vehicle needs.
Disconnect a car battery’s cables while your vehicle is running.